Sail Shades

Sail Shades

Keeping yourself and your guests cool and comfortable in the summer months and dry and protected during winter, these elegant shades really allow you to create a whole new entertaining and relaxing area to your property.

Chapelstone Outdoors sail shades are in a class of their own. Not to be confused with flimsy awnings made from weak material that may only last a season or two. Our shades provide a contemporary, flexible space to enjoy.

Some properties of our sail material that you should consider are;

  • Quick drying, hydrophobic – moisture is not absorbed into the fibre
  • Eco Friendly – no waste products in the manufacturing process
  • Colour fast – Pre-coloured at liquid stage
  • Highly Durable – Abrasion resistant

The sails themselves are available in a variety of colours, so can fit in to most environments and look aesthetically pleasing.

Shades can be entirely freestanding or partially attached to an existing building where safe to do so. Customers can choose between stainless steel posts or timber.

As an experienced construction company, we have successfully undertaken groundworks for numerous projects. Over the years, we have faced many challenges involving existing pipework and cabling, difficult conditions and awkward to access areas. We’ve also developed an innate sense of what will work and what won’t, taking into consideration the layout of a property, its orientation and the intended use of our product. Our outlook is always to work with the customer to ensure their installation meets or exceeds their expectations.

Looking for inspiration? Need help planning your garden? We suggest you take a look at the RHS site to get plenty of advice on Garden Design

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