A Writer’s Den


Our customer is an author who wanted a peaceful space to write her books in. It also needed to double as an entertainment space for the whole family, and a decking area was requested as the room would face south and enjoy full sun.


A timber framed garden room, measuring 4.5m by 2.55m allowing plenty of space for a desk. At one end, a kitchen area was fitted, meaning teas and coffees would be accessible all day. At weekends, the wine fridge would come into its own!

Project Details

Having had success with her first book, Liv decided she needed a dedicated area to work on future novels. Chapelstone designed a garden room with decking and glass balustraudes so that the space would also serve as an entertaining area for the family.

Liv chose our Taupe external cladding that complemented the render on the family home, and found the perfect flooring and decking to work with the scheme she had in mind.

The room, being south facing, would get very warm in the summer; so bi-fold doors were chosen, and an airconditioning unit to provide a cool air flow when needed, and heat in the winter.

Colour change lights fitted to the decking create a stunning night time effect, casting their glow against the glass balustraudes.

Customer Q&A

What is the purpose of the Garden Room?

I find it much easier to write if I’m in a completely peaceful space where I won’t be disturbed. But, as all the family enjoy being outdoors, it made sense to incorporate features that transformed the garden room into an entertaining space too. So we wanted a kitchen area, and decking so we could sit outside as the sun went down with a cuppa, or maybe a glass of wine!

What were the challenges of this project?

Although we had a standard shaped garden room, we wanted quite a few extras. We requested that Chapelstone provide the groundworks and arrange for an electrician to wire up. We also wanted them to arrange for fitting of the air-conditioning, and of course to fit the glass balustrade.

What has changed for you since you’ve had your new workspace?

I’m much more productive now that I have my own space to work in. Whilst that was the whole point of the build, I can tell you, you really don’t appreciate the effect it has until you are working in it!

How do you feel about the end result?

I’m absolutely thrilled! It’s beyond my expectations and I still smile every time I go in and start work. Even through the winter, the room is so well insulated that we’ve used it many times to relax in with friends. I love it!

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