Office Space


Our customer, Becki, needed a garden office that would fit into a tight, wedge shaped area at the side of her house.


Chapelstone Outdoors created a bespoke room and worked with the customer to make the most of the difficult space.

Project Details

Chapelstone were engaged by Becki to design and build the project, including groundworks, and to be fully finished internally.

Despite the difficulty of the space, the composite cladding means that Becki doesn’t have to worry about maintenance.

Electrics, lighting and a French door were requested, as well as two letterbox windows make the most of the available light. Luxury vinyl Huntsville Oak flooring – a beautiful and practical solution – was fitted as well as wall and ceiling finishes. The outside cladding was Soft Green.

Becki had been keen to move in as soon as possible and this was acheived. Chapelstone finished the project one Friday afternoon, and the customer was set up and working in her office the following Monday morning!

Customer Q&A

What made you decide to have a garden room?

After moving to our new build, we wanted to make the best use of the odd shaped garden to the side of the house, and having a garden room was the most sensible use of the space. It serves as an office currently but with the flexibility to be taken over by my teenage son in the future!

Was there anything that made the design and construction challenging?

The odd shape to the space and the general wonkiness of the ground made the job more challenging but the team have been absolutely fantastic

What made you choose Chapelstone Outdoors?

I did look at other companies who did the cedar rooms but due to the restrictions on the plot size and the fact cedar rooms need to be maintained I would have ended up with something very small for double the price. Chapelstone are local, have lots of experience in outdoor buildings and were so very helpful and responsive it was a no brainer in the end

How do you feel about the end result?

I am so happy with the end result – it is perfect! Such a good use of the space, the team on site were brilliant and the Company as a whole have been a delight to work with. I cannot recommend them enough!

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